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Spring has officially sprung and although it may be clichéd, it really is time to do some spring cleaning. 

When it comes to a classic car, we all know it isn’t about taking a Ferrari 250 GTO through a petrol station car wash on a Sunday or tickling around with a feather duster- there’s a lot more to it than that.  

Although fuel and oil additives have little effect on new cars, they become more effective and could even be crucial as a car ages. 

Club MOTUL offers a range of additives for both petrol and diesel vehicles to keep them running smoothly. 

As we’re talking about Spring cleaning, we thought we’d focus on a little more than just the bodywork of the car. 

The first product we’re going to have a look at is the Fuel System Clean Auto. This additive is poured directly into the fuel tank along with petrol or diesel. 

The name gives the game away slightly but this additive removes contamination in the fuel tank, dissolves gums and resins in the carburetor or injector systems and removes coking or unburned carbon residues. 

All of that means a cleaner and more efficient fuel system which will keep you and your classic ready for when the sun breaks through the clouds… Or ready to get back to the garage for when the heavens open. 

The second additive we’re highlighting from the Club MOTUL range goes hand-in-hand with the first. Like the Fuel System Clean Auto, the Valve and Injector Clean is added directly to the fuel tank. However, the Valve and Injector Clean (again the clue is in the name) targets the injector needles and inlet area without the need to dismantle it.  

Making sure these areas are clean will give you improved performance when you’re weaving, responsibly, around those country lanes as well as reducing your emissions whilst you’re at it. Kinder to the wildlife whilst weaving too then! 

Now that you’re content your fuel system, valves and injectors are clean and you’ve taken your classic for a test drive to check, you’ll want to make sure your pride and joy is still looking presentable. It’s time for a wash. 

But wait! 

You may have grease, paint or lubricant stains on your hands from some maintenance work and without cleaning it from your hands, it could get all over your car. There is always the favoured ‘old rag’, but we can do better than that. Top Gel is a specially designed formula which targets situations exactly like this one. Better still, it has been dermatologically tested and is from a 100% natural origin- so it’s kind to your hands too. 

Now that your hands are clean, you can tackle those bugs that have attached themselves to the windscreen and front bumper of your car as you’ve been enjoying the sunshine. Well, there is a product for that too- the Insect Remover. It dissolves sticky insect residue whilst respecting the paintwork. It also works on the deposits left from birds with unfortunate aim. 

That’s the fuel system and Spring bug hatch dealt with but there’s something on the interior that needs looking at too. 

Everyone knows we have to put sun cream on our skin to protect us from UV rays but if your car has leather seats, what are you doing to protect them?  

The Leather Clean product from Club MOTUL gives your leather a waterproof coating as well as protection from UV rays, which will age and damage the leather over time.  

Make sure you and your classic are ready to enjoy the Springtime after a spot of Spring cleaning using the MOTUL products mentioned. 

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