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Petrol additive to be added directly in the fuel tank. Thanks to this additive, engine runs cleaner, consume less, have reduced gas emissions, has a better lifetime and offers higher performances. This product cleans the valves and injectors, provides effective cleaning of injector nozzles and inlet area without the need to dismantle. It deeply cleans contamination in petrol injection system.

From £14.99

Challenges of modern internal combustion engines:

Exhaust gases and fuel residues cause contaminated intake systems with clogged injectors and injection nozzles. These problems occur more frequently with GDI and diesel engines which are equipped with common rail technology.

Added Value for every Car Driver

Extended engine life and reduced repair costs due to the removal of contamination and water in the oil circuit and fuel system.

Recommended Actions

A can of MOTUL VALVE AND INJECTOR CLEAN should be added to the petrol regularly every 6 months before refueling. The content of one can is sufficient for a quantity of fuel up to 60 liters. For vehicles with a larger tank capacity, meter fuel with MOTUL VALVE AND INJECTOR CLEAN in a mixing ratio of 100: 1 (1%). With the combined use of MOTUL FUEL SYSTEM CLEAN, MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN and MOTUL VALVE AND INJECTOR CLEAN, a significant improvement in exhaust emission values ​​is achieved and an application before the exhaust emission test is recommended.

ApplicationVentil- und Injektorreiniger
QualityPara motores de vehículos con sistemas de inyección de combustible
Product RangeADDITIVES
Article Number108123