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The Club Motul Story

Club MOTUL’s aim to celebrate the passion that automotive enthusiasts have for their vehicles by providing discounts on high quality lubrication. Alongside this, Club Motul supports car clubs at major events across the country. Motul’s formulated products are designed to maintain vehicles on the road as well as on the track. This community ethos and Motul’s true passion for innovation in the automotive world is the core of what powers the club.

Affiliated clubs and paid members receive a discount code to be used on products across the Club Motul website, as well as access to events.

Starting in 2021, Club Motul is now partnered with over 30 car clubs across the UK- some steeped in heritage and some just starting out.

From Lamborghini to Lagonda, to Ford and Ferrari- Club Motul welcomes enthusiasts from all groups.

Club Motul plans to continue to widen the network of clubs and to continue providing high quality Motul lubricants, as well as accessories, to car members.

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After the success of the very first semi-synthetic lubricant for cars, Motul Century 2100 in 1966, Motul staked a claim on its passion for invention five years later with the original 100% synthetic lubricant made from esters of vegetal origin and drawing on aviation technologies. 300V becomes a legend, just like the 300 racing victories of the time symbolized by the product name.

Competition and various powerful partnerships helped to establish the colossal awards list and made the brand the global motorsport reference it is today. The passion and excitement of the racetrack also served as the ultimate testing ground for the most stringent requirements.

Now using technology, Motul has developed the bespoke 300V Motorsport line for racing cars enabling the performance of each engine to be optimised in terms of the expected result, depending on the type of race, distance, engine fuel dilution, operating temperature or other specific parameters. Motul has also developed a specific 300V Factory line that delivers extra power, strong endurance and higher torque for motorcycle racing.

This 300V expertise continously inspires every formula of Motul products. Each molecule is considered and developed with the same spirit of bringing to skilled technicians a bespoke solution for every purpose.  

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