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The exclusive Motul® Top Gel formula has been specially designed to clean dirty hands. Contains a 100% natural origin abrasive. It is most effective against grease, paint and lubricant stains. Leaves hands clean, soft and lightly scented. Contains glycerine and aloe vera for a better respect of the skin. Dermatologically tested. 

From £42.99

Variety for all Needs

Each vehicle part deserves specific care. This is why each product is an adapted solution to maintain and take care of any vehicle or equipment.

High Quality Protection

The maintenance & care product line bases on unique and sophisticated formulations offering a high quality protection.

Recommended Actions

Put a small amount of MOTUL TOP GEL on dry hands. Rub without water and rinse with plenty of water.

ApplicationMicrobeads workshop soap for hands cleaning
Product TypeCleaner
Article Number108728

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