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As we know, diesel engines turn fuel into power using heat from compression rather than the spark that creates the ignition for petrol engines. That’s why diesel engines never have carburetors.


The ignition timing for a petrol engine is controlled by sparks from the spark plugs. As diesel engines don’t have spark plugs, they use a different method for fuel combustion timing.

To control the combustion caused by heat from compression within the engine, the diesel delivery has to be controlled across each cylinder, so diesel engines are either direct or indirect injection.

/media/blog/library/additve-blogs_copy-images_injector-cleaner-diesel.jpgHow do fuel injectors work?

Modern cars are fitted with fuel injectors as it is easier for manufacturers to control emissions, fuel consumption and power created from the engine.

The fuel injector is designed to regulate the quantity of fuel that is piped into the engine for combustion and is controlled by the ECU. Each cylinder has its own fuel injector to control the volume of diesel. The injector valve opens multiple times per second to allow pressurised diesel into the combustion chamber.

To make the fuel as efficient as possible, the fuel injector nozzle is designed to atomise the petrol into a fine mist so that the diesel can burn easily in the combustion chamber.

However, gumming and carbon residues can cause blockages in the fuel delivery system within the fuel injection system.

When this happens, the efficiency of the engine will be impaired. Lower power output will be paired with lower fuel economy and higher exhaust emissions.

If injectors become too blocked, they will need to be replaced.

MOTUL Injector Cleaner Diesel has been designed to remove the carbon residues causing blockages in the fuel injection system and prevent micro-particles from sticking further down the fuel system. This is particularly important with diesel vehicles that are fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) as an inefficient engine can cause blockages within this emission reduction system.


/media/blog/library/additve-blogs_copy-images_injector-cleaner-diesel-2.jpgRecommended Use

Maintaining the efficiency, smooth running and performance of a diesel engine is not a one-bottle fix. Injector Cleaner Diesel is recommended as part of the range of fuel system cleaners from MOTUL.

When cleaning a car or van, it is recommended to start at the top and work down. This makes sense, as spraying dirt from the bottom of the car upwards will create more work. Although it cannot be seen, the principle is the same when cleaning a fuel system.

Starting with the injectors, following with a clean of the fuel system and then preventing or removing clogging from the diesel particulate filter. Once this process has taken place, maintaining engine efficiency and reducing spontaneous combustion or preignition with an Cetane Booster will maintain and extend the life of the fuel system.

Each fuel additive should be poured into the fuel tank prior to the car being fully filled with fuel.

Repeated use of fuel system cleaners and fuel performance boosters will provide the maximum efficiency and results.

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