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MOTUL CETANE BOOSTER DIESEL is a cetane index booster for Diesel fuels used in all types of Diesel engines, either indirect or direct, turbocharged or naturally aspirated, with or without DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), using all types of Diesel fuels and biodiesels. MOTUL CETANE BOOSTER DIESEL increases the cetane number by up to +5 points. Mixed with fuel, it allows:- Improved combustion and performance- Prevents knocking phenomenon and abnormal combustion

From £8.99

Applicable for different Vehicle types

Our additive range offers products for passenger cars as well as for two-wheelers and trucks, busses or other machinery. They preserve and protect against the most common causes for maintenance and repair.

Increased Performance and Longevity

Immediately after application, our additives will begin to restore performance and contribute to longevity. Repeated application in recommended Intervals amplifies the effects.

Recommended Actions

our one whole can of MOTUL CT-BOOSTER DIESEL in the Diesel tank before refuelling. A can is sufficient for Diesel fuel tanks up to 50 liters. Then use MOTUL CT-BOOSTER DIESEL regularly for optimal performance.

ApplicationDiesel cetane index boosterAdditive to add to Diesel fuel
Product TypeDIESEL
Product RangeADDITIVES
Article Number107816

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