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This product cleans efficiently all types of rims (aluminium, metal, painted, ...). It dissolves dirt, greases, oils and brake dust residues while protecting paint and varnish.

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Variety for all Needs

Each vehicle part deserves specific care. This is why each product is an adapted solution to maintain and take care of any vehicle or equipment.

High Quality Protection

The maintenance & care product line bases on unique and sophisticated formulations offering a high quality protection.

Recommended Actions

Pre-rinse the rims with clear water. Spray MOTUL® Wheel Clean 20 cm (7-8 inch) away from the wheel.Let sit for 3 min. Do not allow the product to dry. Rinse well with clear water. For stubborn surfaces, use MOTUL® Wheel Brush and rinse with a pressure washer.Repeat process if needed. Test in an inconspicuous area before initial use. Do not use MOTUL® Wheel Clean on any other parts of the car. DO NOT USE under direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Refer to the MSDS sheet and the information mentioned on the spray.

ApplicationConcentrated cleaner for all type of rimsNon-aggressive formula
Product TypeCAR CARE
QualityTrigger spray
Article Number110192

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