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Lead substitute for leaded gasoline engines cleans and protects valves (cars, motorcycles, boats, mechanized farming equipment). Phosphorus formulation ensuring maximum valve seat protection.

From £9.99

Applicable for different Vehicle types

Our additive range offers products for passenger cars as well as for two-wheelers and trucks, busses or other machinery. They preserve and protect against the most common causes for maintenance and repair.

Increased Performance and Longevity

Immediately after application, our additives will begin to restore performance and contribute to longevity. Repeated application in recommended Intervals amplifies the effects.

Recommended Actions

Press on the bottle to fill the upper container and pour the right dosage in the gas tank before refilling with unleaded gasoline.

ApplicationLead SubstituteAll engines
Product TypeCONSUMER
Product RangeADDITIVES
Article Number109146