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This product seals and reinflates car tyres instantly without disassembly. It is suitable for all types of tyres and allow to drive several hundreds of kilometres before final tyre repair.

From £7.99

Variety for all Needs

Each vehicle part deserves specific care. This is why each product is an adapted solution to maintain and take care of any vehicle or equipment.

High Quality Protection

The maintenance & care product line bases on unique and sophisticated formulations offering a high quality protection.

Recommended Actions

Remove the object that caused the puncture, whenever possible, rotate the wheel until the valve is at the top, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Shake the aerosol. If the container is at a temperature below 0ºC, it is advisable to preheat it for a few moments (near the engine radiator) to allow the product to be effective. Connect the tube connector to the valve of the wheel, threading until tight.Tilt the aerosol completely downwards.Remove the seal and press the button until the tire pressure is adequate.Immediately, roll the vehicle for 10 to 20 km. at moderate speed to allow product distribution as even as possible. As soon as possible, check the pressure, recovering the recommended values. The spray must be stored with care, avoiding that it can be hit. It can be driven with confidence for several hundred km. on non-fast roads, before repairing the wheel. Store the container protected from impacts. Review the safety data sheet (SDS) and the safety information that appears on the container.

ApplicationSella y re infla los neumáticos sin desmontarCon o sin cámara
Product TypeCAR CARE
Product RangeCAR CARE
Article Number110142