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This product contains an effective package of additives to optimize lubrication and reduces wear and tear. It improves high pressure properties and lowers disturbing sounds by preventing friction.

From £13.99

Extend the System Life and reduce Maintenance costs

High performance hydraulic fluids lead to longevity and prevent systems from exceptional services due to wear.

Guarantees comfortable Application and Noise Reduction

Specific formulations ensure smooth operation as well as unobstructed movement of components and contribute with usage-specific attributes to achieve e.g. cold resistance or noise reduction.

Recommended Actions

Add MOTUL HYDRAULIC LIFTER CARE to the warm engine oil when required. Works during operation. A dose of 300 ml is sufficient to treat 5 L of engine oil. For larger sump capacities add 60 ml of product per litre of engine oil. Compatible with mineral and synthetic engine oils. Attention: Check engine oil level before application! Do not exceed the recommended proportion.

ApplicationHydraulic lifter care and protection improverAdditive to add to engine oilFor Gasoline and diesel engines
QualityPara motores de gasolina y diésel con taqués hidráulicos
Product RangeADDITIVES
Article Number108120

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