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Mineral gearbox lubricant. This product is specially designed for truck gearboxes and gearbox/differential without limited slip system operating under moderate loads and speed, or transfer gearboxes, mechanical transmissions without hypoid gear, reduction gears operating under moderate to severe load and speed. It provides very high lubricating properties to reduce friction and is formulated with ""extreme pressure"" additive, anti-corrosion and anti-foam agents to provide and efficient anti-wear protection. Suitable for any type of seal.

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Smooth Shifting under all Circumstances

Specific formulations improve the shifting operation, also at low temperatures or under high loads.

Wide Variety of Applications

The complete range of lubricants covers a wide variety of applications, from mechanical transmissions to all different types of automatic gearboxes.

Recommended Actions

Oil drain: refer to manufacturer's recommendations and adjust according to your own use.

ApplicationGearbox lubricantExtreme Pressure
Product TypeCAR GEAR OIL
Product RangeGEAR OIL
StandardsAPI GL-4
Article Number105780