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Petrol additive to be added directly in the fuel tank. Thanks to this additive, engine runs cleaner, creates less pollutants emissions, is more protected and offers higher performances. This product works as a contamination remover in the fuel system, cleaning from the tank to the combustion chamber. It will also dissolve resins and gums in carburettors and injection systems. It lubricates and protects the upper cylinder as well as it removes coking and unburned carbon residues. It binds moisture and condensed water throughout the whole fuel system and facilitates winter cold starts.

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Applicable for different Vehicle types

Our additive range offers products for passenger cars as well as for two-wheelers and trucks, busses or other machinery. They preserve and protect against the most common causes for maintenance and repair.

Increased Performance and Longevity

Immediately after application, our additives will begin to restore performance and contribute to longevity. Repeated application in recommended Intervals amplifies the effects.

Recommended Actions

A can of MOTUL FUEL SYSTEM CLEAN should be added to the petrol regularly every 15,000 km or at every maintenance service before refuelling. The content of one can is sufficient for a gasoline quantity of up to 60 liters. Do not overdose. The entire fuel system is cleaned automatically from the tank to the combustion chamber. For vehicles with a larger tank capacity, fuel should be dosed with MOTUL FUEL SYSTEM CLEAN in a mixing ratio of 200: 1 (0.50%). With the combined use of MOTUL FUEL SYSTEM CLEAN and MOTUL ENGINE CLEAN, a significant improvement in exhaust emission values ​​is achieved and an application before the exhaust emission test is recommended.

ApplicationBenzin Kraftstoffsystemreiniger Auto
Product RangeADDITIVES
Article Number108122

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