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MOTUL® e-FUEL SYSTEM CARE is a DHA - Dedicated Hybrid Additive, specifically formulated for use in hybrid electric/gasoline vehicles.Especially designed for hybrid gasoline vehicles (HEV and PHEV), MOTUL® e-FUEL SYSTEM CARE is suitable for all types of injection, turbocharged or naturally aspirated gasoline engines, with or without catalytic converter, using all types of gasoline fuels, leaded, or unleaded, Ethanol, LPG and biofuels.Multifunctional care and performance fuel additive, MOTUL® e-FUEL SYSTEM CARE addresses the two major concerns of hybrid vehicles:•Stabilizing the fuel being stored for a longer period in the tank between refills on a hybrid vehicle•Protecting the gasoline engine being frequently and randomly used in stop/start mode and running at higher speed and load than on a conventional vehicle.

From £9.99

Product TypePETROL
QualityAdditives B2C
Product RangeADDITIVES
Article Number110886

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