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Diesel additive to be added directly in the fuel tank. This product supports the DPF regeneration as well as keeping it clean. Therefore, performances are increased and gas emissions are lowered. It deeply cleans the diesel particulate filter and increases cold start properties. It prevents from having soot deposits in the system, enhances storage and corrosion stability of the diesel fuel and acts as defoaming agent. It is made to be used regularly to maintain the diesel particulate filter clean and working properly.

From £13.99

Applicable for different Vehicle types

Our additive range offers products for passenger cars as well as for two-wheelers and trucks, busses or other machinery. They preserve and protect against the most common causes for maintenance and repair.

Increased Performance and Longevity

Immediately after application, our additives will begin to restore performance and contribute to longevity. Repeated application in recommended Intervals amplifies the effects.

Recommended Actions

Pour one whole can of MOTUL DPF CLEANER DIESEL in the Diesel tank before refuelling. A can is sufficient for Diesel fuel tanks from 20 up to 40 liters. In curative mode, pour the entire bottle for 20L of Diesel (on the dashboard: DPF warning light on).- In preventive mode, pour the entire bottle for 40L of Diesel (every 5000 km).To maintain the benefits of DPF cleaning, use MOTUL DPF CLEANER DIESEL regularly for optimal performance.

Applicationdiesel DPF cleanerAdditive to add to diesel fuel
Product RangeADDITIVES
Article Number108118