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Technosynthese®. Automatic Transmission Fluid for all systems where Dexron or Mercon specifications are required : Automatic gearboxes, torque converters, power steering systems, boat reversing gears, hydrostatic transmissions and hydraulic or mechanical systems that require DEXRON II or III, or MERCON standards. This product is more fluid at low temperature than Dexron IIE oils which allows for instance easier gear change in cold weather. It offers also higher oxidation resistance than Dexron IIE standard, and an oil film stability under high temperature.

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Smooth Shifting under all Circumstances

Specific formulations improve the shifting operation, also at low temperatures or under high loads.

Wide Variety of Applications

The complete range of lubricants covers a wide variety of applications, from mechanical transmissions to all different types of automatic gearboxes.

Recommended Actions

MOTUL DEXRON III can be used (and mixed) for applications where specification ""DEXRON", ""B DEXRON", ""DEXRON II D"", ""DEXRON IIE"", or ""DEXRON III"" is required. Oil change: according to manufacturers' recommendations and to be adapted according to your own use.

ApplicationFluid for automatic gearboxesPower steering systemsTorque converters and hydraulic systems
Product RangeGEAR OIL
OEM ApprovalsMB-Approval 236.9
Packaging1L, 2L, 20L
Article Number105776, 100318, 103993