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Automatic Transmission Fluid for all systems where DEXRON II standard is required : Automatic gearboxes and transmissions, torque converters, power steering systems, hydraulic circuits, boat reversing gear. This product offers very high fluidity at low temperatures which allows easy gear changing. It is formulated with anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam, and offers thermal stability under high temperature.

From £6.99

Engineered for best Performance

High-quality gear oils with selected additive packages to ensure long-term protection and continuous performance.

Durability under all Conditions

Specially designed for heavy-duty transmissions running under high load and long drain services regardless of the environmental circumstances.

Recommended Actions

MOTUL DEXRON II D is the latest evolution from DEXRON specification. Can be used each time ""DEXRON B"" specification is recommended. Oil change: According to manufacturers' requirements and adjust according to your own use.

ApplicationAutomatic Transmission FluidPower steering systemTorque converters and hydraulic systems
Product RangeGEAR OIL
Packaging1L, 2L, 208L, 20L, 60L
Article Number105775, 100198, 100202, 103992, 100200