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This product cleans and degrease the entire car (road film, dirt, greasy dust). It deposits a film that facilitates the runoff of the water and accelerates the drying process.

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Variety for all Needs

Each vehicle part deserves specific care. This is why each product is an adapted solution to maintain and take care of any vehicle or equipment.

High Quality Protection

The maintenance & care product line bases on unique and sophisticated formulations offering a high quality protection.

Recommended Actions

Add 30 ml of MOTUL® Car Body Shampoo in a bucket with 5L of clean water or apply some product directly on MOTUL® Jumbo Sponge or MOTUL® Cotton Chenille Wash Mitt. Pre-rinse the vehicle. Wash and lather the surface with the sponge or glove. For optimal efficiency, rinse with a high-pressure water jet and dry the bodywork using a microfiber suitable for obtaining a perfect finish. Finally, rinse with water, and dry the surface with a microfiber towel.DO NOT USE under direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Refer to the MSDS sheet and the information mentioned on the trigger spray.

ApplicationConcentrated cleaner & degreaser for carsTrigger spray
Product TypeCAR CARE
Article Number110150

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