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This product works as a remover for contamination and deposits in the automatic transmission. It suits all automatic gearboxes (A/T, DCT & CVT) and protects them from corrosion and premature wear. It allows smoother engine running and softer gear shifting.

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Applicable for different Vehicle types

Our additive range offers products for passenger cars as well as for two-wheelers and trucks, busses or other machinery. They preserve and protect against the most common causes for maintenance and repair.

Increased Performance and Longevity

Immediately after application, our additives will begin to restore performance and contribute to longevity. Repeated application in recommended Intervals amplifies the effects.

Recommended Actions

Dosage: 40 ml AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEAN are to be used for every 1 liter of transmission fluid. One can is sufficient for 8 liters of transmission fluid. Do not overdose. If necessary, the rinsing process must be repeated in the event of severe contamination. The transmission oil filter, if present, must be changed after use. Recommended for optimum performance with every transmission oil change. Use with a transmission oil change device: AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEAN is designed for use before the transmission oil change with a service device such as MotulEvo. Pour cleaning fluid into the reservoir of the device with a dosage of 40 ml per 1 liter of gear fluid. The operation is carried out according to the specifications of the device manufacturer. After the cleaning process, the device changes the entire amount of oil in the gear oil circuit (gear housing, oil cooler, converter, etc.) fully automatically, depending on the device. This ensures that the fresh transmission fluid, neither by AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEAN itself, nor by remaining used oil or impurities, is restricted in its effectiveness and performance. Use without a transmission oil change device: AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CLEAN can also be used without a service device. To do this, fill in the cleaning fluid directly through the filler opening with a dosage of 50 ml per 1 liter of gear fluid. Then start the engine and let it run for 10-15 minutes until the operating temperature is reached. Change the transmission oil according to the manufacturer's instructions with an oil filter change. Make sure that the amount of oil in the oil circuit is completely changed.

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