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Every internal combustion engine vehicle needs engine oil and sometimes it's good to go back to basics and ask why.

Put very simply, engine oil lubricates metallic parts in the engine and prevents friction between them. This is important as if the metal parts get hot and there is friction between these parts, it can cause the engine to seize.

If an engine seizes, it could spell disaster and potentially the end for your car due to the cost implication of fixing it and the damage that this causes to the engine. That’s why oil is pressurised and pushed around the engine to lubricate the moving parts and prevent friction.

Although the main function of oil is for lubrication, there are some other benefits too. Engine oil contains additives which remove impurities and carbon coking from the inside of the engine. These carbon deposits can cause damage and create inefficiencies if they aren’t removed.

However, that is also partially why engine oil needs to be changed. Engine oil removes the carbon deposits but in turn takes them on. This is why oil is a translucent liquid when you put it in but it becomes black and thick when it is time for a change. If you don’t have your oil changed, it won’t be able to take on any more of the carbon deposits and your engine will become clogged.

If you want to make sure your engine is looked after, check out the formulated range of engine oils that give your engine maximum protection.

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