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Club Motul

With nearly 170 years of heritage and innovation in lubrication technology, Motul has become synonymous with reliability and performance in garages and racing paddocks the world over. With products tried and tested on the track – some might say the toughest laboratory in the world – they have helped teams conquer in the dunes of the Dakar and for 24 hours of flat-out racing on the streets of Le Mans. This catalogue of long experience in motor racing has given Motul the edge when it comes to the lubrication of classic cars, from pre-war machines to modern classic supercars. Older engines and gearboxes require specific oils to work correctly, which is why Motul has a dedicated range of classic lubricants designed specifically to keep your old-and-young timers working for many more years to come.  



said Baptiste Plaine, head of group communication at Motul. “Their composition and particularly their formulation additives simply don’t fit some of the historic engines. The special features of old engines require adapted lubricants. The Motul range for historic vehicles was designed respecting those features by using, if necessary, new techniques that provide real advantages. The Classic range provides optimal protection and brings solutions to all purposes: from vehicles that do not run often with longer downtimes to those used in competition requiring full performance from the machine.” 

Motul is actively involved in the classic car community, partnering with a number of high-profile events globally to help owners understand the importance of good quality lubricants in keeping their classics in good health. Events like the La Carrera Panamericana, Le Mans Classic, Goodwood Revival and The Classic Silverstone.



Fercho Urquiza, a winner of the 2021 La Carrera Panamericana driving a 50-year-old Porsche 914, is a long-standing fan of Motul. He said: “My friends and I always use Motul in all of our vehicles: our race cars, our dirt bikes and our karts, because we legitimately think it’s the best oil in the world. And it’s amazing that we can partner with these amazing brands that we use and love. The engines are constantly revving really high, and we need the best oil that performs in hot temperatures and makes the engines last. It’s a seven-day race over thousands of kilometres and the car really suffers. You need an oil that outperforms everything that’s out there.” 



Sergio Perez, owner of VP Garage which supports cars during the La Carrera Panamericana, said: “The technical support team from Motul in La Carrera Panamericana is taking daily oil samples of each car to analyse the data and make sure that each engine is performing properly and using the correct oil. All engines are different. We have three cars with different engines: a Wankel rotary, a big V8 and an air-cooled Volkswagen. They all work at different temperatures, and all are very different from each other, therefore with this data we can make sure that the lubricants that we're using are the best for each car. This is a plus for us, to keep the cars working at 100% performance. We travel many kilometres a day, from 700 to almost 1,000kms, with constant humidity, altitude, and temperature changes, so having this data and technical support allows us to have our engines working at their top performance.” 



Andrew Jordan, racing driver, ex-BTCC champion and classic car restorer, said: “Quality is the biggest thing. We look after 40 cars at the minute, which are very expensive and are equipped with very expensive components. You must ensure you are putting the right quality on everything. The engine oil, braking fluids, coolants, everything must be pure, quality stuff. It’s important for performance, but also endurance and longevity. It’s a good thing to have a quick car, but it must also last until the end of the race. The lubricants must look after the engine, the differentials and the gearbox during a whole season. It’s great working with a brand like Motul. We like to think we are the best in what we do, and Motul is the best in what they do, so it works very well. Now but also in the future.” 



Nick Wigley, CEO of The Classic at Silverstone, believes Motul’s partnership with the classic car event is a natural fit. He said: “We are very, very happy to be partnering with an internationally renowned brand like Motul. I think it's a partnership that has massive synergies. And, of course, we have a huge number of competitors, and a huge number of classic car owners and enthusiasts, all of whom would be potential users for Motul. It’s a great partnership for both of us.”