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Club Motul

The Cobra Register acts as a social collective for all like-minded owners and enthusiasts who share a passion for the authenticity and illustrious history of the Cobra marque. Club MOTUL can now gladly announce a partnership with The Cobra Register and look forward to welcoming its members with open arms.


Since 1952, motorists have been fascinated with John Tojeiro's sleekly designed AC Ace, so much so that in 1961, world-renowned retired racing driver Carroll Shelby looked to take advantage of the chassis to produce the now well-known Cobra.

The fascination and mystique surrounding the Cobra and its marque may have founded the basis for The Cobra Register, but the friendship and camaraderie present within the group overrides everything.

Members of The Cobra Register appreciate the pure enjoyment that accompanies driving their Cobras, taking them to local car shows, social events, and road trips in the UK and Europe throughout the year. Their most recent excursions have been as varied as Tuscany, Northern Spain, and the Le Mans Classic.


Club MOTUL offers people a range of products - built with the historical and classical vehicle sector in mind - that keep mature engines running as smoothly as they did when they first launched.

The Cobra Register's partnership with Club MOTUL allows its members to access benefits only previously available to those with a Club MOTUL membership. Including invitations to exclusive MOTUL events, preferential pricing offers, and Club MOTUL support packages.


To access these benefits, members of The Cobra Register will have their Club MOTUL membership fees waived and shall be presented with a personalised link to create their log-in credentials for the Club MOTUL platform.

All members are offered product support via phone, email, and live chat during working hours.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us!