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Club MOTUL is proud to announce a new partnership with an up and coming car club- Street Royalty UK.

Cars bring car people together and although there are clubs which are steeped in history that celebrate cars with deeply-ingrained legacies, there are many at the other end of the track. MOTUL understands enthusiasm for cars and love of driving them which is why Club MOTUL was launched.

There are customised and modified cars in the weird, whacky and cool but sometimes it is simple a celebration of driving freedom and the joy of it when you’re out with your mates- whether you’re 22 or 62.

Street Royalty, although a new club, is involved with a number of events and shows, road trips aroud the UK- as well as being track enthusiasts. The club even hosts it's own track days at Curborough's sprint course for members.

Although the main benefit of being part of car clubs is the community aspect and wealth of practical knowledge that can bring, there are also some exciting new benefits for Street Royalty UK members.

What does this Club MOTUL partnership mean for you?

MOTUL’s 170-year heritage has given them the experience to create specialist oils and lubricants that feature in vehicles from go karts all the way to combine harvesters. It’s no surprise then that MOTUL products feature heavily in the world of motorsport to facilitate the performance, longevity and endurance required from the high-octane events. When tested on a dyno, cars were found to have around 3-4hp more when using MOTUL 300V over standard oils- which is why it is so popular in the motorsport world.

To make sure that your classic or modern classic car is looked after, MOTUL produces a range of high-quality mineral oils for cars pre 1950 and synthetic oils for post 1950 so you can be sure you’ve got an oil specific to your vehicle with a discount thanks to Club MOTUL.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about what’s on offer from Club MOTUL then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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