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Club Motul


Club MOTUL is proud to announce a new partnership with a car club which celebrates the history of rallying- Rallying History.

Rally drivers are another breed. Speaking at Race Retro, BTCC legend, Jason Plato compared rally drivers to Alex Honnold. Honnold is known as the world’s greatest solo climber and his amygdala was tested with stimuli that would cause the average person’s fear centre to start firing. Nothing happened to Honnold, “Rally drivers are like that”, Plato said.

That’s the magic of rally drivers and the sport of rallying. The drivers are pushed to their limits and so are the cars, which become stars in their own right.

Rallying History celebrates the sport and the historic cars that garnered fame and attention in the sport and members will be well versed in this.

This celebration of history and attention to detail is what makes Rallying History’s newest partnership so apt.

What does this Club MOTUL partnership mean for you?

MOTUL’s 170-year heritage has given them the experience to create specialist oils and lubricants that feature in vehicles from go karts all the way to combine harvesters. It’s no surprise then that MOTUL products feature heavily in the world of motorsport to facilitate the performance, longevity and endurance required from the high-octane events.

Members of Rallying History will be aware that there are deals and discounts on offer to them as part of their membership fee. Members are afforded a discount on oils and lubricants as well as invitations to exclusive MOTUL events.

To make sure that your classic car is looked after, MOTUL produces a range of high-quality synthetic oils for cars pre and post 1950 so you can be sure you’ve got an oil specific to your vehicle with a discount thanks to Club MOTUL.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about what’s on offer from Club MOTUL then don’t hesitate to contact us!