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If a BAC Mono has ever driven past you in the street, as they are fully road legal, heads will turn to watch it whoosh by.

Briggs Automotive Company has been crafting the street-legal racing machine since 2009 and since then there have been several iterations of the skeletal-structured Mono since. The standard car has received hundreds of plaudits when it comes to the chassis, handling and sheer driving pleasure.


BAC prioritises precision and innovation when constructing their cars, with a 0-60mph time of under 3 seconds and materials such as graphene-enhanced carbon fibre being used which is 200 times stronger than steel but 20 times lighter than traditional carbon fibre.

This spirit of innovation is what links BAC and MOTUL which is also why BAC recommends MOTUL lubricants for the Mono and Mono R.

BAC Recommended MOTUL Products

To maximise the protection and performance from the engines in the BAC Mono and BAC Mono R, they recommend MOTUL 300V Competition 15W-50. The performance technology in 300V has enabled the blistering performance and enabled to deal with the high-stress engine.



For snappy gear changes from the semi-automatic gearbox controlled from the steering wheel, MOTUL 300LS 75W-90 is recommended to maintain a protective oil film and provide extremely high shear stability.

The Mono has over 500bhp/tonne and the Mono R has over 600bhp/tonne so stopping power needs to match the performance. To maximise braking power and minimise braking fade, MOTUL RBF 600 is recommended due to the high wet and dry boiling points and the anti-corrosive properties to maintain brake lines. RBF 600 is used as clutch fluid too as the Mono and Mono R have a centralised clutch and brake fluid reservoir.


For efficient heat transfer, MOTUL Auto Cool Optimal is recommended by BAC for both the Mono and Mono R as the longlife coolant and antifreeze.

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