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Club Motul


Motorsport would not be the same today without 300V and the innovation in lubricant technology and performance that MOTUL has been committed to for decades.

MOTUL strives for first both on the track and in the lubricant industry. The first multrigrade lubricant in 1953- MOTUL Century; the first semi-synthetic oil in 1966- MOTUL Century 2100 and the first fully synthetic oil in 1971- MOTUL 300V.

The original 300V got it's name due to the 300 racing victories that had been attributed to Motul by the time of the launch.

The latest editions of MOTUL 300V use Ester Core technology. A standout feature of Ester Core is the polarity which enables the oil film to stick to the metal parts of your engine, reducing friction and providing better protection against wear. This is why MOTUL 300V 24H Le Mans is the only oil recommended by the 24hr Le Mans endurance race.


Producing oil that can withstand both low and high temperatures and the constant performance push of motorsport means studying and learning from the demands of the racetrack. One of those demands is the drive for more power, which is why 300V has been formulated to increase torque output by up to 3% and horsepower output by up to 5%. MOTUL’s dedication to innovation has created the industry’s widest range of racing and performance lubricants and a name synonymous with motorsport.

Motul learns from the paddock, racetrack and the road. That’s why Motul is the Official Lubricant Partner to the FIA World Endurance Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans- to put the peak of e endurance and performance into the lubrication.

Maximise performance without compromising durability.

You can browse the range of Motul 300V and choose the correct viscosity for your vehicle on the Club Motul website