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Everyone loves a white Chaser, according to Adam Canfield or Adamc3046 as he is known on YouTube to his 650,000 subscribers.

His white Toyota Chaser that has inspired the catchphrase emblazoned on t-shirts worn by young and old has received an updated look.

The new MOTUL wrap on Adam’s Toyota Chaser was revealed at ‘Tucked at the Museum’ car meet in March and was inspired by the 2018 Le Mans winning Toyota LMP1 car with the same lucky number ‘8’ on the side.


On the way to the event in his video, Adam said, “After picking this car up, every guy with an ‘S’ badge or an ‘ST’ or an ‘R’ or an ‘M’ or something with 3D plates… They suddenly forget how to drive properly and stick to me like glue, it really does stand out on the road.”

The attention didn’t stop out on the road though, at Petrolheadonism Underground Adamc’s Chaser was on the MOTUL stand during the course of the weekend and floods of attendees gazed, photographed and exclaimed, “That’s Adam C’s Car!”



MOTUL is now a sponsor of Petrolheadonism and this was the first event attended as a brand since beginning the move into the tuned and modified automotive community.

There was everything from a stock Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari F50 to a fleet of slammed and custom BMWs, the late Ken Block RX43 Ford Fiesta and every Japanese tuned car you can think of. The jewel in the crown of the whole event was not the fastest roadgoing shed but the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, which the current owner is intending to convert from a track machine into a high-performance road car.


Automotive YouTuber royalty was never far away with the likes of Shmee, AutoAlex, Mark McCann, Tavarish, Ben Collins (former Stig) and, of course, Adamc with the majority bringing their various cars along.

As a first move into the Petrolheadonism world, the list of technical and brand queries from certified car nuts was exciting to hear and answer over the course of the weekend. Car people who really care about their cars want to know what the best product is for their car as well as being associated with a cool brand. 

Looking to another step forward into the tuner and modified world, MOTUL will be the title sponsor this year at the bigger and better Adam C Fest at Mallory Park featuring the MOTUL wrapped White Chaser and a MOTUL arch over the track, with more news to follow.

How can we help?

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