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Hybrid vehicles are commonplace on the road in the UK with a mixture of plug-in and mild hybrid options available which have been aimed at improving efficiency and decreasing fuel consumption.


Gone are the days when the only hybrid vehicles on the road were the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. Almost every major car brand has either one or multiple hybrid options in their range and as the switch from fossil fuel only to hybrid vehicles has been mandated at 2035, the UK roads will be almost full of hyrbrid vehicles.

As hybrid powertrains are designed to reduce the consumption of fuel by powering the vehicle with an electric motor and battery system, fuel can sit in the tank for longer than it would for conventional combustion engine vehicles. Over time, petrol can experience oxidation which will cause the engine to run less efficiently. Oxidised fuel can also promote gumming and carbon buildup throughout the fuel system.


Are there fuel system additives for Hybrid Vehicles?

MOTUL E-Fuel System Care has been designed to stabilize the petrol that sits in the tank for a longer period of time. As well as maintaining the quality of the petrol within the tank, E-fuel System Care is an effective fuel system cleaner. This is formulated specifically as a petrol-hybrid fuel system cleaner.

The fuel system cleaning formulation removes deposits throughout the fuel system from fuel lines, cylinders and injectors. Any water droplets or condensation within the system bind with the cleaner and are safely burnt off, which improves engine efficiency.

Improving engine efficiency will restore fuel efficiency, engine performance and reduce exhaust emissions.

/media/blog/library/additve-blogs_copy-images_e-fuel-system-care-2.jpgRecommended Use

Maintaining the efficiency, smooth running and performance of a petrol engine is not a one-bottle fix. E-Fuel System Care is recommended as part of the range of fuel system cleaners from MOTUL.

When cleaning a car or van, it is recommended to start at the top and work down. This makes sense, as spraying dirt from the bottom of the car upwards will create more work. Although it cannot be seen, the principle is the same when cleaning a fuel system.

Starting with the injectors, following with a clean of the fuel system and then preventing or removing clogging from the catalytic converter. Once this process has taken place, maintaining engine efficiency and reducing spontaneous combustion or preignition with an Octane Booster will maintain and extend the life of the fuel system.

Each fuel additive should be poured into the fuel tank prior to the car being fully filled with fuel.

Repeated use of fuel system cleaners and fuel performance boosters will provide the maximum efficiency and results.