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Club Motul


The Caterham Academy is considered one of Europe's most successful novice driver series. Each equipped with a 125bhp road-legal racecar powered by a Ford Sigma engine, a 5-speed gearbox and low grip tyres, keep your car at the top of its game with these Motul products.


Caterham Roadsport is the next step for novice and ex-Academy drivers looking to progress through their racing journey. With an upgraded Academy car, double the races and more at stake, give yourself the best chance at success with this array of Motul products.


Seven 270R is a fiercely fought, coming-of-age championship that acts as step three on Caterham's racing ladder. With stiffer suspension producing a more authentic race car feel, Motul will help you feel prepared for whatever the campaign decides to throw at you. 


The Seven 310R is one of Caterham's most competitive championships. With upgraded vehicles that bolster a 152bhp engine and a power-to-weight ratio that exceeds a Porsche 911, make sure to stock up from this Motul range for more high-octane thrills. 


The Seven Championship is the only nationally recognised top-tier Caterham racing series in Britain, making it one of their most exciting campaigns. Each driver shares an identical 180bhp engine, with a 6-speed sequential gearbox nestled in a bespoke chassis, try and compete against the elite with this range of Motul products.