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Mineral engine oil dedicated to the latest generation of 4-stroke engines running with biogas or landfill gas and requiring low ash oil. The high quality base oil provides superior valve recession protection in order to reduce nitration phenomena. The additive system reduces sludge deposit and plug fouling leading to increased spark plug life enabling.

From £4,777.99

Performance and Protection

Mineral engine oils convince with their robust performance and their noticeable contribution towards engine protection and longevity.

The Option for cost-conscious Applications

Despite the attractive price point there is no compromise in quality why this is the perfect option for all price conscious applications.

Product RangeENGINE OIL
ViscositySAE 40
OEM ApprovalsCATERPILLAR CG Gas engines, GE JENBACHER Type 2 Class B and C gas engines, GE JENBACHER Type 3 Class B and C gas engines

, GE JENBACHER Type 4 Class B and C gas engines, GE JENBACHER Type 6 Class B and C gas engines, MAN M3271-4 Engine oil for stationary engine - Biogas, MWM TCG Gas engines
Article Number108810