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Engines run cooler up to 15°C (30°F). Improves thermal exchange and engine cooling system efficiency.

From £19.99

Not just Meeting but Exceeding Standards for optimised Performance

The Motul coolant line exceeds many approvals and requirements to ensure excellent heat transfer for optimum operation of the engine or the hybrid system.

Different Formulations for different Applications

Different formulations allow the application for conventional vehicles, historic vehicles, hybrid vehicles, OAT requirements as well as for different machine types and a wider range of equipment.

Recommended Actions

MOTUL MoCool is a concentrated cooling fluid that may be mixed with distillated water for immediate use as a coolant. Mix with water at 5% (20:1).Do not use pure product. Can be mixed with most coolants monoethyleneglycol based.

ApplicationTop engine cooling additiveReduce engine temperature by 15C (30F)Outstanding thermal exchangeConcentrated cooling fluid
Product TypeCOOLANT
Product RangeCOOLANT
Article Number107798