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Motul® Bio Wash is a universal ready-to-use biodegradable cleaner and degreaser for all types of mechanical applications. All types of surfaces: plastics, synthetic fabrics, paintworks, varnishes, metals… Efficiently removes all traces of grease, dust, soil, mosquitoes, brake pad residues... Dries evenly. Leaves a dry anti-corrosion film and protects paintwork and varnish. Motul® Bio Wash is environment friendly: biodegradable in 28 days at 92% (inherent biodegradability and ultimate biodegradability) according to OECD 302B method.

From £89.99

Variety for all Needs

Each vehicle part deserves specific care. This is why each product is an adapted solution to maintain and take care of any vehicle or equipment.

High Quality Protection

The maintenance & care product line bases on unique and sophisticated formulations offering a high quality protection.

Recommended Actions

With pump spray: Spray generously MOTUL BIO WASH all over the surface to be treated using the "wide jet"" position on the gun. Do not wash in direct sunlight. Allow to work for a few minutes. Rinse with water, jet, or steam pressure. For very dirty parts, repeat the operation using the position ""directed jet"" on the gun and rub with a sponge or a rag. Use a soft cloth to obtain a perfect finish.Without pump spray: Dilute MOTUL BIO WASH in water or use directly on a damp sponge. Do not wash in direct sunlight and rinse with water thoroughly. Use a soft cloth to obtain a perfect finish.

ApplicationUniversal ready-to-use cleaner and degreaser
Article Number106560