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4100 POWER 15W50

Synthetic engine lubricant Technosynthese®. Specially designed for high performance gasoline and diesel engines requiring ACEA A3 / B4 and API SL / CF. Formulated with detergent and dispersant agents but also its Anti-oxidation, Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam properties to help maintain a constant viscosity avoiding sludge and deposits in the crankcase. The synthetic Technosynthese® base stock provides high lubricating power and protects perfectly the engine while in intensive use on road, highway or in town. This high viscosity at high temperature (SAE 50) is fully adapted to engines prone to oil consumption.

From £8.99

TechnosyntheseŽ Quality

Our Technosynthese® formulation CONTAINS the ingenious combination of different mineral and synthetic base oils for optimum performance at an attractive price.

Approved and recommended by Car Manufacturers

Possesses a selected range of manufacturer approvals as well as manufacturer recommendations.

Recommended Actions

Drain interval: according to manufacturers' recommendations and tune to your own use. MOTUL 4100 POWER 15W-50 can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils.

ApplicationGasoline and Diesel Engines
Product TypeCAR
Product RangeENGINE OIL
StandardsACEA A3 / B4, API SL / CF
OEM ApprovalsMB-Approval 229.1, VW 501 01 505 00
Packaging1L, 208L, 5L, 60L
Article Number102773, 100277, 100273, 100275